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February 11, 2009

His Beatitude Jonah Visits the Orthodox Christian Mission Center

On Tuesday, February 10th the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) was honored by a visit from His Beatitude Jonah, Archbishop of Washington and New York, Metropolitan of All America and Canada.

Following a tour of the new Missionary Training and Administration Building, which will open its doors later this year, His Beatitude offered His hopeful prayers and words of encouragement to the gathered Mission Center staff. His Beatitude stated that, “The foundation and history of the Church is missions and the very essence of the Church is missions.” His Beatitude further reminded the staff that missions is one of the most important functions of the Church because “Jesus Christ and the Gospel heals people’s souls,” and that through Christ “people are given hope and a sense of meaning.”

His Beatitude shared his own personal journey in missions and his belief that “sending people outside the United States helps to formulate the Church’s vision for missions within the United States.”

OCMC Executive Director, Fr. Martin Ritsi, thanked His Beatitude for the Orthodox Church in America’s (OCA) commitment to missions: “OCMC sees itself as serving the Church toward this vital call. Working with His Beatitude brings hope and encouragement to us all.”

The missionary witness of the Orthodox faithful of North America has reached 35 countries over the past 20 years. OCMC hopes to help the faithful, especially those under the pastoral care of His Beatitude Jonah, reach even more people who hunger and thirst for Christ in the years to come. May God grant His Beatitude many years!


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