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April 15, 2009

New Candidate Orientation Prepares Five Future Missionaries

St. Augustine, FL – Last week five future Missionaries and an observer joined the staff of OCMC for six days of intensive training.  This New Candidate Orientation (NCO) featured classes that covered a broad range of subjects from enculturation and contextualization of the Gospel, to evangelism, team skills, budgeting and communications workshops. The NCO is just one phase of OCMC’s new intensive missionary training program aimed at preparing missionary candidates for raising support and ministering to a culture different from their own.  The candidates will return to the OCMC Home Office once more to complete their preparation by attending Pre-Field Training immediately before departure.

Each of the missionary candidates is planning to serve in Tanzania where, under the direction of His Eminence Jeronymos, the Church and its outreach ministries are growing at an astounding rate. Once deployed, these Missionaries will be providing assistance in nursing, public health education, text translation, communication, sewing programs, and diocesan administration. Each of these ministries is vital to the Church’s efforts to share Christ with the Tanzanian people.

The candidates are now in the process of raising support for their missionary service. If you would like more information about James Hargrave, Michael Pagedas, Charita Stavrou, Felice Stewart, or Katie Wilcoxson, please visit http://www.ocmc.org/missionaries/missionaries.aspx.  We encourage the Orthodox faithful and parishes everywhere to be generous in both their prayer and financial support for these missionaries who will be serving as living witnesses to the Orthodox faith in Tanzania. More missionaries are needed in other parts of the world. Contact the Missionary Department for more information at missionaries@ocmc.org.


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