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July 20, 2009

Mass Baptisms in Tanzania

Mwanza, Tanzania – The whole situation of the Africans requires someone like the Apostle Paul to be near them “in order to open eyes, so that they will turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God” (Acts 26:18). The need for their spiritual orientation is something that one understands. The big question is: How do the Africans themselves see their own condition? What do they do? Indeed, they see it with uneasiness, pain, and desire. They are seeking the light of Christ. They want to be children by the grace of their Heavenly Father. Now they find themselves on the course of liberation.

Christ is the hope of the Africans. He is “the King of Peace and Salvation.” The Orthodox Church, in its missionary endeavor and its ministry, stands beside the Africans in their pain and desire. It strives to instruct them to the word of truth and to reveal to them the Gospel of justice. They are baptized and married in groups. New life is being created, a life of joy and peace, a life in the light of Christ. For as Christ tells us, “Whatever is born from the Spirit is spiritual” (John 3:6).

Recently, we experienced the sacrament of Baptism, of regeneration, in the village of KISHOGO, 43 km from the town of BUKOBA. On that splendid day 120 souls became reborn participants of the “death and resurrection of Christ our God.” In other words, they acquired “the light of knowledge and devoutness.” Inside the river that flows through the banana trees and under the sun of the equator, they received “the blessing of the Jordan” and from now on they will worship “the Son of Justice.” And inside our Orthodox Church they will confess: “Your light, Lord, has been brought upon us who in knowledge praise thee.”

Metropolis of Mwanza (6/12/2009)


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