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March 11, 2010

Become Involved in International Missions as an OCMC Agape Canister Partner

This past Sunday Fr. Stephanos Boik celebrated the Divine Liturgy with 25 children from the village of Singaraja, on the island of Bali, Indonesia, at the St. Thomas Orphanage House. The St. Thomas Orphanage provides abandoned and homeless children with shelter, food, clothing, and the promise of an education. Fr. Stephanos works hard to meet the spiritual needs of these children. The money collected through the OCMC Agape Canister Program, gives us the opportunity to share in this beautiful Orthodox Christian witness by meeting the physical needs of the orphans under Fr. Stephanos’ care.

Please prayerfully consider your ability to become more engaged in international Orthodox mission ministries today by becoming an Agape Canister Partner or by donating to the Agape Canister Program online. Agape Partners take responsibility for one or more canisters that are placed in offices, restaurants, or other businesses throughout their community. Each month, the partner visits those locations to collect the change placed in the canisters. These small gifts make a huge difference. Approximately $115,000-$125,000 is raised to support the ministries at St. Thomas House and other philanthropic programs like it around the world each year.

For more information about becoming an Agape Canister Partner or to make a gift, please visit http://www.ocmc.org or call 904-829-5132, Ext. 163!


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