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April 7, 2011

St. Dimitrie Newsletter: from Missionary Floyd Frantz

Greetings! I hope that this finds you well today, and in good spirits on this most blessed day of Meatfare Tuesday.

It has been a few weeks since our last newsletter, and people have been reminding me of this so I am at last going to get down to the “doin” of writing one. I hope you have time to read it, and that you will enjoy having it. Actually, quite a lot has been going on over here since my last posting.

You may remember Christina Semon, my OCMC colleague here in Romania. She has been doing some therapy groups with the St. Dimitrie Program in the Tbc hospital in Savadisla, and we have been going at times to the Republic of Moldova to help with the project of Fr. John in Leova, Moldova. She had requested reassignment in Moldova for her second term of missionary service, to focus on establishing vital youth programs and developing youth leadership. Well, last week she was given a go-ahead, and will be working in Moldova while applying much of what she learned during her first term as a missionary in Romania. It is going to be a very good assignment, and I hope that you will keep up with it at OCMC’s web site, http://www.ocmc.org.

On our side of things, the Holy Romanian Synod has approved our addictions courses to be used in both the faculty seminaries and in the high school seminaries. This was actually more than we had hoped for when we submitted them last year. Of course, it means that we will need to keep it updated, and will need to develop it over time. It is very exciting for us as it has been a long term goal of ours for several years to have this happen.

One other item of note is that Deacon Stephen Holley from St. Michael’s in Westminster, California has been visiting us and doing some very nice presentations in the local parishes to young people on “How to choose a mate for life”, which is based on his short book about the subject. He has been well received, and in now in Iasi doing the same over there with Fr. Iulian.

There is much to say, but I do not like to send out long emails as few people have the time to read them. I will try to be more faithful about writing in the future, as I would like to share about some of the people in our program. They have been bringing joy to my heart, and in the next email I will share this with you.

In His Love,

Floyd & Ancuta Frantz

OCMC Missionaries in Romania

If you would like to contact us please use: floydfrantz@gmail.com

You can visit the St. Dimitrie Programs web page at http://www.stdimitrie.org

If you would like to make an online donation in support of our work in Romania please go to the Orthodox Christian Mission Center web site at http://www.ocmc.org After finding the Frantz Family page, you will need to log in, but it is a simple process and it is very important to us. You may also call 877-GO-FORTH, and they will assist you with making a donation online or with your card.


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