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June 1, 2011

Paschal Greetings to the Moldovan Elderly: An Update from Missionary Christina Semon

The youth of St. John Maximovich Social/Youth Center were focused on feeding the elderly. They collected old paper that people had around their homes. They turned in all the paper to a paper company which was recycling it and, in return, they received money. They did not use this money to take a special excursion for themselves but instead used it reached out to the sick and poor elderly in town during the Great Feast of Pascha. They made food bags for 10 elderly and they would have done more bags but that it was all they could do.

As I got to hear this beautiful news, I asked the question of how the elderly would get these bags. The youth said that they would ride their bicycles to their houses. I thought that would be a big challenge since they were carrying eggs! So I offered my car to assist with the deliveries which would not have been possible without the blessing of my support team in allowing me to have this transportation. The kids were excited about this offer of mine. We loaded the car and left to greet and visit the elderly from the church, especially those who were not well enough to make it to church.

As the driver, I could see from the car some of their facial expressions of joy and appreciation that the kids remember them this Pascha. The poor elderly gave a simple joy which truly made an impression on the youth on the day before Pascha.


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