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October 15, 2011

Build Mission Awareness in your Parish in this New Church Year

Build Mission Awareness in your Parish in this New Church Year

As we begin a new Church year, please consider the following opportunities to develop international Orthodox missions as a regular part of parish life. The activities listed below are just a sampling of those that can be coordinated, and the OCMC is always ready to assist your community! Some ideas are:

Establish a missions committee and/or name an OCMC Ambassador;
Coordinate a missions-related Bible Study focusing on the lives of missionary saints;
Invite a missions speaker;
Incorporate missions into the Sunday School curriculum;
Hold a missions luncheon/dinner featuring foods from mission countries;
Coordinate a missions retreat;
Financially support the ministry of a long-term missionary and/or mission priest;
Hold a Walk for Missions;
Recruit parish members to participate on a short-term mission team;
Include support of OCMC mission ministries as part of the local parish annual budget;
Coordinate a Youth Event and/or participate in Hunger Strike;

We look forward to brainstorming these as well as many other ideas with you as you look toward this new Church Year! Please give Kenneth Kidd, Annual Gifts Officer, a call at 904-829-5132, ext 161 or by email at kenny@ocmc.org, to discuss ideas or obtain more detail on items listed above.


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